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Framework and Multi-Formalism: the ASAR project

The main concern of the research project ASAR is to build a multi-formalism framework towards archtectural synthesis. This paper describes the CENTAUR system, used to build this framework, and the common intermediate data-flow format GC, that will be the common denominator of the different formalisms and tools available in that framework.

In Proceedings of the 4th International IFIP 10.5 Woking Conference on Electronic Design Automation Framework, Gramado, Brazil, November 1994.
P. Aubry, M. Auguin, M. Belhadj, J. Benakki, T. Bouguerba, C. Carrière, G. Durrieu, T. Gautier, M. Israël, P. Le Guernic, M. Lemaître, E. Martin, P. Quinton, L. Rideau, F. Rousseau, O. Sentieys. Project ASAR